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This wiki is the foundation and structure of the Realm of the Solunar Eclipse and all those in association with it.

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This wiki contains a vast array of information that pertains to the realm and creation and progression of the Solunar Eclipse. This wiki will and does contain things that will counter other things within it, as well as break it's own rules and restrictions, and that is perfectly fine with those who call this realm home. This wiki also includes work and ideas from others that may originally conflict with each other, however, have found agreeable living conditions here within this wiki, so please if you do find that this wiki involves a beloved piece of literature and bends or breaks any of the said literature's rules, please do not get upset or if you do get upset then please do not rant here, if you have a piece of advice then please offer it, however, do not expect that just because it is offered that it will be done, I, the creator, do promise to hear each and every comment, question or concern out, however, it is my decision to act as I see fit on each comment, question or concern. That being said, please take a look around and if you would like to try out something for your own then please do so and please let me know how everything went. Thank you all and blessed be )0(

P.S. ~this is the usual disclaimer~ I, the creator of this wiki, do not claim to be the origin of that which I add to this wiki unless I otherwise mark as mine, if you do recognize something on this wiki as your own creation please contact me and let's discuss authenticity of your claim, as well as further actions. Thank you all and blessed be )0(

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